Lesson 7: Moses, Coming Out of Egypt

Intermediate Bible Study

Our last lesson dealt with the time when the family of Jacob went into Egypt during the time of Joseph. This lesson deals with the time when God raised up a leader to bring them out of Egypt.

Following the death of Joseph, the Israelites (the descendants of Jacob) grew into a mighty nation. They became so numerous that the Egyptians were afraid of them. They made them slaves and even ordered that all the male children be killed so that the nation of Israel would not grow. It is at this point of history we meet Moses, the great deliverer.

Forty Years In Egypt

Moses was the son of Amram and Jochebed. Because they did not want him killed when he was born, they hid him as long as they could. Finally they knew something had to be done. His mother made a basket, put Moses in it and placed it in the river.

The king's daughter came to the river and saw the basket. When she saw the baby, she wanted to keep him alive. Moses' sister, Miriam, was hiding to see what would happen to the basket. She suggested to the princess that an Israelite woman be found to help raise the child. When the princess agreed, Miriam ran and got Moses' own mother to help raise the child.

Forty Years Tending Sheep

When Moses grew up he loved the people of Israel very much. This is shown by the fact that when he saw an Israelite fighting with an Egyptian, he helped the Israelite by killing the Egyptian. Because he had killed an Egyptian he had to flee to another country (called Midian) where he married and had two sons.

One day as Moses was keeping his sheep on Mt. Sinai, God spoke to him out of a burning bush. At first Moses did not think he could do so great a work, but God answered every objection of Moses. So Moses went. with his brother Aaron to speak for him, into Egypt.

The Ten Plagues

The people of Egypt did not want to let the Israelites leave. Because of this, God sent ten plagues upon the Egyptians. The ten plagues were:

  1. Water Changed to Blood
  2. Frogs
  3. Lice
  4. Flies
  5. Cattle Disease
  6. Boils
  7. Hail
  8. Locusts
  9. Darkness
  10. Death of the Firstborn

When the last plague came, the Egyptians demanded that the Israelites leave. God was with the Israelites and wonderfully provided for them. Shortly after leaving Egypt God caused the Red Sea to open up and allowed the Israelites to cross on dry ground, but destroyed the Egyptians when they tried to cross.

Our next lesson will tell of the events that happened while they were on their way to the land of Canaan.

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    Fill in the blanks:
  1. After Joseph died, the Israelites grew into a nation.
  2. Moses was the son of and .
  3. The mother of Moses made a .
  4. The name of the brother of Moses was and his sister's name was .
  5. God spoke to Moses on Mt. .
  6. Check the correct answer.
  7. True    False   Moses was tending sheep for 30 years.
  8. True    False   The Egyptians were afraid of the Israelites.
  9. True    False   The Israelite woman who helped raise Moses was his own mother, Jochebed.
  10. True    False   The Egyptians let the Israelites go after the fourth plague.
  11. True    False   God caused the Red Sea to open and allowed the Israelites to cross over on dry ground.
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