For Your Personal Bible Study

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled." Matthew 5:6

You will find here resources that you can use to increase your knowledge of God's word and strengthen your faith. Such strength will enable you to live more pleasing to God and to share the Gospel more effectively.

This list was compiled by Nathan Adams, minister of the Cary Church of Christ in February 2013. We'll be happy to fix broken links or update the information if you email carycocweb -at-

Internet Resources

First, a word of warning when you use the Internet as a Bible study resource. John told the Ephesians that many false teachers had gone out into the world. The same is true with the Internet. Anything you read on the Internet should be done so with caution and with a comparison to the Bible as a whole. The following are reliable Internet resources:

Educational Websites:
  • Christian Courier - This website is an excellent resource containing articles written by Wayne Jackson on many Biblical subjects and topics.
  • Apologetics Press - This website is focused on the evidences that prove the Bible is true. The site is a great resource in combatting atheism and evolution. It has many resources for all ages.
  • House to House - Articles from the monthly Christian publication that is mailed to many households.
  • Living Waters Weekly Email - This is an email that you can receive weekly that contains an excellent evangelistic lesson. There is an extensive archive the website.

Christian Podcasts
If you are a person who likes watching or listening to a lesson better than reading one, we recomend:

  • Gospel Broadcasting Network - This site shows videos and television programs from around the brotherhood both as a part of a continous live stream and an archive. This programing can be streamed through your iPad or Android device by downloading the GBN app.
  • Polishing the Pulpit - Website for an annual gathering of Christians to hear sound Biblical teaching and grow spiritually. Full access to podcasts is available to Cary church members by contacting the church office.
  • World Video Bible School - WVBS has been producing quality Christian videos for several decades. There are video classes on many different topics. The videos range from basic to quite scholarly allowing everyone to take advantage of the great learning opportunity they provide. The videos vary in cost.
  • The Gospel of Christ - A great collection of audio and video lessons on many subjects produced by the McClish Avenue Church of Christ in Ardmore, OK.

Online Bible Study

  • Online Bible Correspondence Courses - Our own online study of God's word, with lessons from beginning to advanced levels. The lessons are simple and direct. The questions aren't difficult, but require reading the material and believing that the message is truly from the Bible.
  • Are you really sure of your eternal salvation? - This online Bible study includes 25 lessons that teach and question the student. The student immediately learns whether his answers are right or wrong. There are also many other Biblical studies on this on this website regarding evangelistic efforts. This includes lessons on denominational doctrines, restoring the fallen, how to conduct a study, and others. These studies can build your faith and talents.

Bible Study Software

We often spend a lot of money on recreational, personal, and work items. How much do we spend on Bible study tools? Bible study software has become an open door of opportunity for anyone to do in-depth Bible study. These programs provide the ability to bring many searches and resources to bear upon on your personal study. It is an investment every Christian serious about knowing God's word should make. Here are a few options:

  • e-sword - This is a basic free download for PC only. It has an app for the iPad.
  • PC Study Bible - This is a PC only program that costs from $35 to $675 depending on the package you buy.
  • Accordance - This is a PC and Mac program that provides many study options. It is the program the students of the Southeastern Institute of Biblical Studies are required to use. It has many resources that you can buy individually. There is an iPad/ Android app that ties you to many of the program's resources.
  • Logos - This is a PC and Mac program that provides many study options and an extensive and growing library of resources.

Online and Print Publications

There are many monthly and quarterly publications produced by our brethren to which you can subscribe or view that would be helpful in your study.

  • Carolina Messenger - Solid Biblical teaching published bi-montlhly. Each issue is archived online.
  • Gospel Advocate - A magazine with very insightful articles written by some of the strongest brethren we have in the church today.
  • Christian Woman - A magazine focused on Christian woman that is published by Gospel Advocate.
  • Spiritual Sword - A very conservative publication produced quarterly.
  • Think Magazine - A monthly magazine produced by Brad Harub that promotes family and a defense of the scriptures.
  • Reason and Revelation - A very scholarly defense of the scriptures published by Apologetics Press. The issues of this magazine past and present are archived online.
  • Discovery Magazine - A magazine for young children that defends the Bible and God. Excellent resource for parents. The issues of this magazine past and present are archived online.

Book Resources

There are many books in our church library and it is very well organized and continues to grow. Use these resources in your study. Some of the books I will mention are available in our library.

  • Strong's Exhaustive Concordance - This book has every word in the King James Version of the Bible. You can search and find every instance in which a word is used in the Bible. It also provides basic Greek and Hebrew word definitions. This is a great tool if you do not use Bible software. $20
  • Vine's Dictionary - This dictionary will give you definitions and usage of Biblical words. This is very useful when doing topical studies. $13

A commentary is a book that explains the text of a particular book of the Bible. They should be used as an aid in your study and not as a definitive source of truth. I have never seen a commentary that I completely agree with. There are a number of good commentaries that you can find at any church of Christ affiliated bookstore.

  • Truth for Today Commentaries - A new and very easy to understand set of commentaries that will cover the entire Bible. These commentaries are great for teachers because each chapter or section has an application section which provides some excellent lesson seeds. Not every Bible book is available with these commentaries because they are still being written. They seem to publish 3-4 new commentaries for this set each year. $30/Commentary
  • Gospel Advocate Commentaries - A tried and trusted fourteen-volume set of commentaries from the middle of the 20th century covering the New Testament. They are scholarly, yet not difficult to understand. These commentaries have been a mainstay in the libraries of preachers for many decades. $231
  • Dehoff Commentaries - A very basic six-volume set of commentaries covering the whole Bible. $140
  • Coffman Commentaries - A solid set of commentaries covering the whole Bible. The Old Testament commentaries in this set are available online at

Bible Dictionary/Encyclopedia
A good Bible dictionary will help explain customs, describe places, and people in the Bible that are very foreign to us today. A must have tool for your personal study.

  • Holman Bible Dictionary - A good and easy to use dictionary that I used when I was young. $20
  • International Standard Bible Dictionary, Revised Edition - A four-volume expansive dictionary of the Bible. $119

Other Bible Study Books
There are many books that deal with the entire range of topics that could be considered for the Christian life. The following are some that I have found helpful and have recomended to people.

  • Strength for the Journey - This is a daily devotional book. Each day includes a Bible reading and a short devotional thought that pertains to the reading. This book could help you develop a daily habit of reading and meditating upon God's word. This could also be the source material for your family devotionals. $12.99 at most church of Christ affiliated bookstores.
  • Ready Reference for Growing Christians - This is a wonderful resource for our personal study and in helping us study with others. The book includes scriptures and facts about 100 Bible topics. The larger standard book also addresses various doctrines of several mainstream denominations. There is a pocket version available that can easily fit in your purse or coat pocket. I would recomend this for every Christian. $6.95/Standard $3.95/Pocket Edition