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Bible Classes

Spring 2022 Adult Bible Classes

*Bible Classes for infants through 12th grade are also provided, but not shown in these tables.

Sunday Morning, 9:30am TopicsTeachers
Adults - Auditorium1 Corinthians
Class Handout - Text of 1 Corinthians from NASB
Rod Huffman
Room 15/16The Parables of JesusMike Pirrera

Wednesday Night, 7:00pm
Adults - AuditoriumThe Crisis of Our Time: A Study in LeadershipLarry Fife, Jim Flowers, Leslie Smith
A Congregational Devotional is held following classes in the auditorium.

Ladies Classes
Tuesday Ladies Class - Meets each Tuesday from September through May at 10:30am at the church building. Check the Calendar for current schedules.

Digging Deep - Authority is a personal Bible study outlined by Cindy Colley just for women. For complete information about this study, go to her website. You will be able to print off the study outline, and view the Podcast that is held the last Tuesday of each month. A group of ladies meets once a month to study the lesson in person. Check the Calendar for current schedules.

Men's Class
Sunday Evening Men's Bible Study - held once a month immediately after evening worship services.
Check the Calendar for current schedules.

The Sunday morning Bible study topic is Hebrews. The Wednesday night topic is "Disconnect: 1st Century Christians in a 21st Century World."