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Watch & Listen Live


Our worship services, Bible classes, and other select special events are broadcast live through our Facebook site. If you are unable to be with us in person, then please watch online.


Audio from the auditorium is also streamed live. The best method for connecting to this stream depends in large part on the browser, plug-ins, and external audio players you have installed on your computer. Below are streaming options, and hopefully one of them will work for you. Of course these options will only work when audio is actively being streamed during class and worship service times. Feel free to use the chat window if you need to communicate with the sound room operator.

If you have an up to date browser version, this will work best.

Commonly used method in the past, but can be problematic.

Option C: Use an audio player app such as Windows Media Player, VLC, Quicktime, etc. by opening this generic file, this file for Windows, or this file for a Mac.

Audio is streamed using BroadWave Streaming Audio Server by NCH Software.