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Youth Groups

We have a great group of young people here at the Cary Church of Christ and we encourage you to come be a part of our family and grow with us!

Our youth are busy in many areas doing the work of our Lord. The elders have set the following goals for our youth:

  1. Love of God - helping our youth show their love for God
  2. Love for their family - helping our youth show love to family
  3. Love of the brethren - helping youth show love to God's family
  4. Love of those in the world - helping the youth teach others show love towards those in need.

The leaders work together to teach the youth and help them reach these goals. They love the youth and their primary goal is to help them as they try to reach the eternal goal of Heaven!

We currently have four groups for youth involvement:

High School Youth: 9th grade - 12th grade

The high school group has the opportunity to attend various youth rallies, devotionals, summer series, and other events. The leaders of this group write a monthly newsletter which provides awareness to those in the congregation and those who visit our website the opportunity to see the happenings of this group as well as an opportunity to get to know the youth a little better. They also meet twice a month at the home of one of the members of the congregation for a devotional and dinner. During this time they have the opportunity to fellowship and learn to develop their love for God, brethren, family, and those in the world. The service projects they work on reinforce the teaching of God's word.

Middle School Youth: 6th grade-8th grade

The middle school group has a variety of activities scheduled throughout the year to help them grow in their love for God and others. These activities include, but not limited to, youth rallies, service projects, lock-ins, summer youth series, and other outings. Our summer youth series provides an opportunity for the middle school group to combine and fellowship with the high school group in devotionals. This group meets twice a month for devotional and dinner as they grow in the word of God. The service projects are designed to help others as well as help the youth develop their love for God, brethren, and those in the world.

TEABS: 3rd grade-5th grade

This group currently meets twice a month and is called TEABS (Totally Excited About Bible Study). They work together to show God's love by doing various service projects throughout the year. Their bi-monthly meetings consist of a devotional and dinner to help them as they develop their love for God. They can reach the above goals through the devotionals and service projects.

Additional Programs

Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes

All of our youth have the opportunity to take part in the valuable leadership training. This program is a tool that can be used to develop overall leadership potential and new talents to use in service to God. This program is not just for youth, but anyone who wants to develop their talents for God's work. We work on our events throughout the year and in the spring of each year we have the opportunity to attend the national convention for Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes where the youth have an opportunity to share what they have learned with others who are doing the same.

Dorcas Class

Our Dorcas class consists of young ladies in the 6th-12th grade. The primary focus of this group is teaching the young women to provide service to others. They do this through various service projects that reach out to our local members, as well as those in our community.