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Adult Groups

Connect Groups

Connect Groups are made up of 8 - 12 people who meet on Sundays to not only fellowship but to do some simple evangelism projects for outreach purposes. Among other passages, Acts 2:42-47 gives us a picture of the early church fellowshipping in groups. These groups also provided a way to disciple church members while evangelizing and serving the surrounding community. Based on this example, we have Connect Groups to meet the needs of fellowship, spiritual maturity, and outreach. Our prayer is that we experience growth through these groups and become more connected to God, His church and the community.


Ladies in the congregation are especially active in teaching, benevolence, and fellowship. Each year the ladies plan a ladies-only retreat in the Fall and a Ladies Day in the Winter with the goal of wonderful fellowship and Bible study in mind.

Check the Bible Classes listing for Ladies classes that meet on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday nights.


Our men stay very active with monthly Bible studies, father/daughter/son events, attending the Spring Men's Day near Charlotte, cookouts, and many other opportunities for growth and encouragement. The men take seriously their responsibility for leadership and service within the church, family, and community.

Young Adults

Cary has a large number of college age young adults, young singles, and young married couples who have Bible classes on Sunday mornings, and frequently gather at other times for Bible study, fellowship, and various activities.

College and Young Marrieds

Preparing New Mover Baskets
College and Young Married group preparing new mover baskets.

Live Wires

The Live Wires are a group of retired and young in heart members who regularly meet for fellowship and work together. They are led by Gene Osborn.