Online Bible Correspondence Courses

Wouldn't you like to know more about God, the Bible, and what being a Christian means?

The Cary Church of Christ, located in Cary, North Carolina, would like to invite you to take our on-line Bible Correspondence Course. These lessons are offered to you FREE of charge and they take only a few minutes to read and answer the questions.

You may be surprised at the simplicity of the Gospel, and the depth and relevance of the Bible to today's society. While we believe the materials contained in these courses are based entirely on the Bible, we encourage you to study the Bible for yourself to see if the lessons are true (II Timothy 2:15) and to increase in knowledge, understanding, and love for God. It is our prayer that you will study God's Word with an open heart and open Bible and come to know the truth that shall make you free, John 8:32.

If you live in the Cary or Triangle area of North Carolina, we would like to get to know you in person. Please feel free to visit us at our regular worship services, or let us know when you would like to have an in-person Bible study.

Thank you for your interest in studying God's Word.


Begin Here     Introductory Lesson

Beginning Bible Studies (#1)

Lesson 1 - God
Lesson 2 - Authority In Christianity
Lesson 3 - The Old Testament
Lesson 4 - The New Testament
Lesson 5 - The Two Covenants
Lesson 6 - Sin
Lesson 7 - Jesus Christ, The Saviour
Lesson 8 - Faith
Lesson 9 - Repentance
Lesson 10 - Confession
Lesson 11 - Baptism
Lesson 12 - The Church, Part I
Lesson 13 - The Church, Part II
Lesson 14 - The Second Coming Of Christ
Lesson 15 - The Judgment, Heaven, And Hell

Intermediate Bible Studies (#2)

Lesson 1 - How We Got The Bible
Lesson 2 - How God Had Dealt With Man
Lesson 3 - The Creation
Lesson 4 - God's Judgment - The Flood
Lesson 5 - Abraham, The Man Of Faith
Lesson 6 - Going Down Into Egypt - Joseph
Lesson 7 - Coming Out Of Egypt - Moses
Lesson 8 - From Egypt To The Promised Land
Lesson 9 - Judges, Kings And Prophets
Lesson 10 - Jesus The Son Of God
Lesson 11 - Jesus' Death And Resurrection
Lesson 12 - The Church Of Jesus
Lesson 13 - What Must I Do To Be Saved?
Lesson 14 - Acceptable Worship
Lesson 15 - You And The Future

The Church of the Bible (#3)

Lesson 1 - The Meaning Of The Church
Lesson 2 - The Coming Of The Church
Lesson 3 - The Establishment Of The Church
Lesson 4 - The Identity Of The Church
Lesson 5 - The Name Of The Church
Lesson 6 - The Organization Of The Church
Lesson 7 - Entering The Church
Lesson 8 - The Worship Of The Church
Lesson 9 - The Work Of The Church
Lesson 10 - The Unity Of The Church
Lesson 11 - The Creed Of The Church
Lesson 12 - The History Of The Church
Lesson 13 - The Church Today

Advanced Bible Studies (#4)

Lesson 1 - The Bible
Lesson 2 - The Old Testament
Lesson 3 - Jesus Christ
Lesson 4 - The Gospel
Lesson 5 - The Church
Lesson 6 - The Christian Life
Lesson 7 - Sound Words
Lesson 8 - The Hope Set Before Us

Old Testament Survey (#5)

Lesson 1 - An Introduction To The Old Testament
Lesson 2 - Genesis: The Book Of Beginnings
Lesson 3 - Exodus: Escape From Egypt
Lesson 4 - Leviticus, Numbers And Deuteronomy
Lesson 5 - Joshua: The Conquest Of Canaan
Lesson 6 - Judges And Ruth
Lesson 7 - 1,2 Samuel; 1,2 Kings; 1,2 Chronicles
Lesson 8 - Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
Lesson 9 - Job: Why Do The Righteous Suffer?
Lesson 10 - Psalms: The Songbook Of The Old Testament
Lesson 11 - Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song Of Solomon
Lesson 12 - Isaiah: The Messianic Prophet
Lesson 13 - Jeremiah, Lamentations
Lesson 14 - Ezekiel: God's Spokesman In A Foreign Land
Lesson 15 - Daniel: God's Spokesman In The King's Court
Lesson 16 - The Minor Prophets (1)
Lesson 17 - The Minor Prophets (2)
Lesson 18 - The Minor Prophets (3)

New Testament Survey (#6)

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the New Testament
Lesson 2 - Matthew and Mark
Lesson 3 - Luke and John
Lesson 4 - The Acts of the Apostles
Lesson 5 - Romans and Galatians
Lesson 6 - First and Second Corinthians
Lesson 7 - Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon
Lesson 8 - First and Second Thessalonians
Lesson 9 - First and Second Timothy and Titus
Lesson 10 - The Letter to the Hebrews
Lesson 11 - James and First and Second Peter
Lesson 12 - First, Second, and Third John, and Jude
Lesson 13 - Revelation

For Your Information

  • Any personal address information requested at this site is used ONLY for internal record keeping.
  • Bible teachers are here to assist you in answering Bible related questions. Each student is assigned a teacher upon the completion of the Introductory Course.
  • Please wait for a teacher to contact you after completing the Introductory Lesson, and then proceed through the courses in order.

Why Study the Bible?

A good study of God's Word is the most profitable study in a person's life. The more you study, the more you want to study. There are many good reasons for studying the Bible, God's Word, but here are just a few:

  • Spiritual life depends on the Bible. Matthew 4:4 says we live spiritually by the word of God. We don't have anyone else to go to for life when we turn from God. (John 6:66-68). The soul that does not know the Bible is lost and headed for punishment.

  • A study of the Bible will reveal God's will for man. Christ became the author of salvation to everyone who believes and obeys Him (Hebrews 5:8-9). It is by studying the Bible that we can learn what His will is for us. (Ephesians 3:3,4).

  • We need to study the Bible so that we will know how to pray. Jesus taught his disciples how to pray. If our prayers are not according to the will of God, then, our prayers are not right. John says, "And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, he heareth us"(1 John 5:4).

  • We must study the Bible to know what to do to be saved. (2 Timothy 3:15-17).
Studying the Bible is the most important thing in a person's life and we are thrilled that you have accepted the invitation to study God's word.

Bible Study Resources

We have compiled a number of additional resources that we recommend for your use while studying the Bible. Please take a look at these and go back to them at every opportunity.

"Searching for Truth" video series

Internet sites, software, and various publications